Yedigoller is the oldest national park in Turkey. Its territory was declared a reserve in 1965. Yedigoller is located in the north of the province of Bolu, in the western region of the Black Sea and covers an area of ​​550 hectares.

In Turkish, the name of the park means “7 Lakes”. The park is beautiful at any time of the year, but it is especially beautiful in the fall when the leaves of the trees take on different colors.

This is the mysterious nature of Turkey. The park is known for its lakes, located among the beautiful forests. All these forms a treasure of unspoiled nature, which is home to many species of animals, fish and birds.

Yedigoller, Yedigoller, Turkey Travel Guide

The park has many walking paths, there are places for picnics by the lakes. In addition, there are cozy bungalows with fireplaces, if suddenly you want to stay in the park for the night.

Yedigoller, How to Get There?

Yedigoller nearest airports that serve international flights are located in Istanbul and Ankara. From here, tourists can get to the province of Bolu by intercity bus from the bus station or rented car. Car rentals can be found at the airport terminal.

Those who choose the way to get to Yedigoller by car from Istanbul should follow the signs on the E80 autobahn. This path goes through the center of Bolu. From there, you need to turn north to Caradeler Caddesi Street and then choose the direction of Yedigoller Yolu. Travel time from Istanbul may take about 3 hours.

Yedigoller, Yedigoller, Turkey Travel Guide

From Ankara, head northwards along the E89 number, then turn left onto the E80 autobahn and continue through the center of Bolu and choose a similar route, which we mentioned just above. Travel time from Ankara may take about 3.5 hours.

Information about Yedigoller

Yedigoller is a unique place that nature has created and people have saved. Due to the fact that there are no endless crowds and queues of tourists, here come those who want to really feel alone with nature and take a break from the hustle and bustle of cities. Local landscapes and wonderful atmosphere of 7 different lakes act soothingly. For you, we have compiled a short list of places that you can visit in Yedigoller.

Yedigoller, Yedigoller, Turkey Travel Guide

  • Buyukgol Lake
  • Deringol Lake
  • Seringol Lake
  • Saligol Lake
  • İncegol Lake
  • Kurugol Lake
  • Nazligol Lake
  • Kapankaya Tepesi (Mountain with panoramic terrace and ski resort)
  • Geyik Uretme Ciftligi (Deer Farm)
  • Waterfall Yigilca Saklikent Selalesi
  • Trout farm in Deringol. Here you can fish and cook your own fish in the oven located here.

Yedigoller is equipped with camping areas and picnic areas. The park has several entries and exit gates, each of which has a security post.

Yedigoller, Yedigoller, Turkey Travel Guide

Hotels in Yedigoller

Since Yedigoller is a nature reserve, you will not find hotels on its territory. However, the national park still has several options where you can stay. In addition to camping in the park are equipped with several small bungalows. They have fireplaces and barbecue areas and are belonging to the Ministry of Forestry. In such bungalows, tourists can spend the night and relax away from civilization. Please note that bungalows must be booked in advance. There are no other hotels and places to stay in the park. However, if it is for you to stay at the hotel in principle, then choose the center of Bolu. There you will find suitable accommodation options at quite low prices.