Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a city whose energy and life does not stop for a minute. It is always crowded here. On the streets of the city, you can meet people from all over the world. They come here to see with their own eyes the amazing combination of antiquity and modernity.

Bangkok has carefully preserved most of the temples, palaces and museums that amaze everyone who sees them for the first time. Besides this, the capital of Thailand is also known for a long time as one of the largest entertainment centers in all of Asia. The energy of the city never dries out. In the afternoon, you can become a participant in interesting festivals, and at night continue to have fun in numerous nightclubs and bars. To not get lost in all this variety, read our guide to entertainment in Bangkok.

Bangkok Festivals

The brightness and energy of Thailand is easily reflected in the festivals of Bangkok, which are held here quite regularly. They are devoted to different topics and events, so everyone can choose what you are really interested. Here are just some of the biggest festivals of Bangkok:

  • Vegetarian Festival (September / October);

This is one of the most spectacular events of the city, the main part of which takes place in the Chinese Quarter. As part of the festival, street processions take place, the participants of which demonstrate incredible acts of killing the flesh by piercing their cheeks and tongues or walking barefoot on hot coals, blades and broken glass.

Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Songkran (Thai New Year) (April);

This is the largest event not only in Bangkok, but also throughout the country. On the decorated streets are carnival processions, whose participants pour water on each other. This long tradition symbolizes cleansing and deliverance from failures. During the festival in the city does not work all government agencies, as well as banks and shops.

  • Loy Krathong Festival (October / November);

This is probably one of the most beautiful festivals in Bangkok. It is connected with the cult of water. From Thai, the name of the holiday is translated as “a holiday of floating boats woven from leaves.” On this day, Thais gather on the banks of reservoirs, be it rivers, lakes or the seacoast, and launch homemade boats (krathongs). Thais believe that by observing how a boat floats you can predict the future of someone who launched it.

Bangkok Nightlife

Entertainment in Bangkok does not stop with the onset of night, but on the contrary, only gaining speed. Nightclubs and bars, dance floors and shows are just a small part of what awaits you in the nightlife of the Thai capital. Bangkok’s reputation is such that today there are few countries and cities that can compete with it in the field of entertainment.

Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has its own Red Light District, many clubs and bars, night cruises on the river on a small ferry, entertainment complexes and discos with popular modern music, shows and cabarets, gay establishments and much more. The capital of Thailand will be able to offer you any entertainment of your choice.