Kirklareli is located in northwestern Turkey in the Marmara region, in the territory of the ancient state of Eastern Thrace. The city is located close to the border of Bulgaria, the distance to the Black Sea coast is about 100 km.

The original name of the city was Kirk Kilise, which means “40 fortresses”. It was changed in 1924 to modern Kirklareli. The city has 8 districts, and its population is 343,723 people.

The first settlements on the territory of the modern city appeared around the 6th century BC. There are many historical sites in Kirklareli: churches, fountains and monasteries that were built over thousands of years by the Macedonians, Persians, Thracians and Romans. In the city and its surroundings there are also natural attractions: caves, national parks, waterfalls. In addition, the Black Sea coast is great for a beach holiday. The famous festival of national Turkish wrestling is held in Kirklareli. Kirklareli railway station is one of the oldest architectural monuments in the city center. The Kirklareli Museum is one of the places that are ideal for exploring the heritage of ethnographic and archaeological artifacts.

Kirklareli, Kirklareli (Turkey) Travel Guide

Kirklareli How to get there?

The city can be reached by rail, road or air. Buses travel to Kirklareli daily from Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa. If you want to get to the city by train, you need to buy a ticket for the direction Istanbul – Edine.

The nearest airport to the city is Corlu. The airport serves international and local flights. The distance from the center of the town of Kirklareli is a little over 100 km.

Sights of Kirklareli

In the city of Kirklareli, there are many historical sites that for centuries were built by both Eastern and Western cultures. Some of them are located in the city center, and some – outside of it. In addition, the city provides excellent opportunities for outdoor activities and a beach holiday on the Black Sea coast. Each tourist can choose a holiday for his taste or combine several of its types.

Mosque Hizirbey

The Great Mosque is another name for the Hizirbey Mosque, located in the center of the city. The mosque was built in 1383. Interestingly, historians have found mention of it in some historical documents, from which it can be concluded that it is the oldest mosque in Europe. The outer walls of the mosque surprise with their magnificent coatings. The minaret of the mosque is made of faceted stone. The mosque was badly damaged after the earthquake, Aydoslu Haci Yusuf Pasa restored it in 1824.

Kirklareli, Kirklareli (Turkey) Travel Guide

Kadi Mosque

The Kadi Mosque is located in front of the Ahmet Mithat Primary School in the city center. It was built in 1577 by architect Emin Ali Celebi as a square-layered mosque. The mosque is still used for its intended purpose. The walls and minaret of the mosque are made of stonework, the roof is wooden.

Kirklareli, Kirklareli (Turkey) Travel Guide

Babaeksi Bridge

Babaeksi Bridge is located on the outskirts of Luleburgaz. The bridge was built under Murat the Fourth in 1633. Between the arches there are large openings through which the waters of the river flow. The bridge is made of stone. This bridge was the most important strategic place during the Ottoman Empire. Here were the Ottoman army, heading from Istanbul to Rumeli and back.

Kirklareli, Kirklareli (Turkey) Travel Guide