Holidays in Turkey is one of the most popular requests among tourists every year. However, this country is so huge and so rich in culture that it would be a big mistake to spend the whole vacation only on the beach. A trip to Turkish cities promises no less interesting impressions. Therefore, for example, Gaziantep, which will be discussed below, keeps many interesting sights that can show you the country from the other side. Among them is the Omeriye Mosque, the oldest in the city.

As the theater begins with a wardrobe, so any Turkish city begins with a mosque. They become symbols of the cities in which they are located, it is cultural and tourist centers. Suffice it to recall the Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul to understand what is at stake. In addition, although Omeriye Mosque is inferior to the Istanbul mosques in terms of popularity and scale of buildings, but its history is no less interesting.

History of Omeriye Mosque

Omeriye Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city. The exact date of construction could not be established. However, historians agree that this happened after 1150. For the construction of the minaret used white stone.

During its long history, the mosque was reconstructed several times. The first time in 1210, then in 1786 and 1850, respectively. After a long period, in 2006, the municipality of Gaziantep re-initiated the reconstruction of the mosque, and it took its present form. It is currently used as a place of prayer.

Omeriye Mosque, Omeriye Mosque / Gaziantep, Turkey

Interestingly, even after the reconstruction, you can see in the body of the mosque fragments and bullet holes left after the defense of the city after the First World War. It was left especially as a memory and a symbol of the courage of the citizens who rebelled against the invaders.

Omeriye Mosque differs from other mosques in certain architectural features. Therefore, the pulpit in a mosque can move on rails when necessary. The interior of the mosque is extremely simple, in terms of both decor and lighting plan.

Tourists can attend the mosque freely in the morning and dinner hours.

How to get to Omeriye Mosque

Omeriye Mosque is located in the center of Gaziantep, so you will not be difficult to get to it. This can be done on foot (if you are already in the center) or by taxi. Those who will get to the mosque from other parts of the city can take the city bus and tram.

Omeriye Mosque, Omeriye Mosque / Gaziantep, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Omeriye Mosque

In Gaziantep, many hotels can offer you accommodation in comfortable and cozy rooms. Among the nearest hotels to Omeriye Mosque are:

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Omeriye Mosque, Omeriye Mosque / Gaziantep, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Omeriye Mosque

If you suddenly get hungry after visiting the Omeriye Mosque and walking around the city, then look at the short list of the nearest cafes and restaurants.

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