In today’s article, we will try to tell you about Ordesa Canyon / Spain and its natural beauty. Ordesa Canyon is considered the largest canyon in Europe. If you are in search of a suitable tourist destination for your next vacation, then the canyon will suit you perfectly. Continue reading and you will learn: how to get there? Which hotel in Spain to choose? And what is so interesting about Ordesa Canyon?

Ordesa Canyon, Ordesa Canyon in Spain

Ordesa Canyon in Spain How to Get There?

Ordesa Canyon can be reached from Barcelona. To date, many airlines offer direct flights to Spain from many cities around the world. On average, the flight can take from 3 to 10 hours. In order to get to Ordesa Canyon, you will need to rent a car or use public transport. The trip takes about 3 hours. The end point of your trip will become the National Park Ordesa- y -Monte-Perdido, in which the canyon is located.

Ordesa Canyon, Ordesa Canyon in Spain

Information about Ordesa Canyon Spain

The Spanish canyon Ordesa is the biggest canyon in Europe. Its length is about twelve kilometers. The edges of the canyon have a steep slope about 1300 meters high. In addition to its natural beauties, Spain also has a rich in culture and history.

Walking along the canyon, you can feel the exquisite combination of the Mediterranean breeze and mountain air. Ordesa Canyon has a fantastic view. High cliffs hang over the bottom of the canyon where the river Ordesa flows. In the canyon you can see a huge number of waterfalls that make up a stunningly beautiful landscape.

Ordesa Canyon, Ordesa Canyon in Spain

Ordesa Canyon is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain for outdoor activities. The local beauty of nature makes you turn your head without stopping. We recommend that you take a guide if you have little experience walking in the mountains. Also, you can choose: walk in the canyon as part of a group or take an individual excursion. Guides that will accompany you on these tours, know the canyon and help to avoid trouble.

Ordesa Canyon Spain Accommodation

If you come to Spain and are looking for a comfortable hotel, we recommend you several;

Moten One Barcelona: The hotel is located in the district of Bern, next to the park Ciutadella. Modern rooms, air conditioning, private bathroom and interactive TV are services that you can use. You will also have a pleasant time watching the various animation shows organized in the evenings.

Iberostar Poseo de Gracia: The hotel is located in Barcelona on Plaza Catalunya. The hotel has a swimming pool, terrace views, free parking and free Wi-Fi. The hotel’s clean rooms and helpful staff will help make your stay pleasant.

Ordesa Canyon, Ordesa Canyon in Spain

Room Mate Anna: This hotel is located in the city center. The hotel has an attic with a beautiful view. Among the hotel services there is also a solarium and a swimming pool.

Melioa Polma Bay: clean rooms and bathrooms with great views delight visitors to this hotel. There is a free pool and Wi-Fi.

Choose your option and go on vacation.